Blackbushe : 17th September - Banter Ops Photography

The Heritage Centre is situated in the actual hanger used by The Dambusters and as our guide stated is in need of some TLC when funds became available, albeit that it is an English Heritage Grade II building. The centre open in June 2012 after extensive renovation work by volunteers but has no regular income to fall on and rely’s heavily on donations from visitors, grants etc.

 I can only say that the visit was well worth the miles traveled. The guides were informative, friendly and humourous giving the tour a little bit more gloss. To learn about the background, truth and actual happenings of The Dambusters raid & crew was humbling and sad, yet made me proud and I am not afraid to say, it also bought a lump in my throat and a tear to the eye.  

If you have not been, please try to visit this centre.