Budapest Airport & Airfields : 31st January - Banter Ops Photography

RAF Marham Enthusiasts Day

It was a great surprise to receive an invite to a second Enthusiasts Day at RAF Marham as I had not been able to get to the base for the first one, even though I had been invited. I had also missed all the previous events regarding the final days of the Tornado, so this second chance was a must, even if I had to crawl there.

A superb, but sad day. A definite “Dear Diary” day and privileged to be witness to the final flight of ZG752

I would like to thank all those at RAF Marham that made the day possible for us, especially Group Captain Ian Townsend ADC MA for allowing, not just one, but two Enthusiasts Days to be held to celebrate the Tornado and also the staff form the bases media office for all their hard work in getting the two days arranged. Lastly, to all the men and women (Ground and aircrew) who were at the eastern HAS complex throughout the day, who made us feel so welcome.