RAF Lakenheath Base Tour : Thursday 9th June 2016 - Banter Ops Photography

This tour was originally booked in May 2015, but being careful in what I type, I have to say that is was far from the high standard I had come to expect from the 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Department. Disappointed was an under statement, especially as I had obtained permission for my 11 year old son to come along on the tour.

All Iain had wanted to do since he saw his very first F-15 Eagle was to get up close and personal with one. This was his chance, but alas there was not one available. The poor lad's disappointment was there for all to see.

However, saying all that I know that there have been things put into motion to make up for that for him (See Wings & Wheels Event on 2nd July 2016), so all is by far, from being lost.