Tribute To Corporal Iain David MacDonald (13th July 1966 to 20th August 1995) - Banter Ops Photography

At 7.20am (UK Time) on Sunday 20th August 1995, my family's world was devastated by the news that my younger brother had been killed in a helicopter crash in Bosnia. He and three other servicemen died in the accident, which was splashed all over the media. We were subject to reporters, TV crews and phone calls from that day to the day after his funeral (6th September). Time does not heal, it just makes it easier. However, in this world that we live in today, my families wounds are ripped open every time one of our servicemen or women dies and the media crawls all over the news.

This gallery is a tribute to my younger brother who made our lives so full of admiration and pride. It is also a tribute to every single service man or woman who has fallen in the service of our country.

RIP Iain & RIP all your colleagues too.

In June 2015 a trip was made on the 20th Anniversary of the crash to Ploce by a the friends, and family of those who died on that fateful day. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it.

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